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  • Fresh Salmon
  • Fresh Salmon
  • Fresh Salmon
Fresh SalmonFresh SalmonFresh Salmon

Fresh Salmon

  • Imported from Scotland, fresh & frozen whole salmon
  • Wild caught, can do sashimi, viscera removed, a whole salmon
  • Fresh and tender, smooth taste, most favored
  • Multiple cooking methods: Sashimi, pan-fried, stewed soup, etc.
  • Product description: Product Name: Fresh & Frozen whole salmon; Origin: Scotland; Product weight: 5-6kg / strip; Commodity status: Fresh & Frozen; Edible method: sashimi, stew, and pan-fried;
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Whole salmon imported from Scotland

Wild caught, can do sashimi

Viscera removed from whole salmon, fresh and tender with smooth taste.

Multiple cooking methods: Sashimi, pan-fried, stewed soup, etc.

Superior geographical environment gives excellent quality
Grown in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean 300 meters deep

Product Specifications
Product Name: Fresh & Frozen whole salmon
Origin: Scotland
Product weight: 5-6kg / strip
Commodity status: Fresh & Frozen
How to eat: sashimi, stew, pan-fried

Whole salmon

1. Scottish imports
Salmon imported from Scotland, fresh and direct to your home. After viscera removing, the body shape remains intact!

2. Thick fish meat with less thorns, can be used for sashimi
Salmon meat is orange-red, fried, grilled, cooking with fried rice.. Free cooking, more enjoyment!

3. Rich in nutrition with smooth taste
Salmon is very nutritious and suitable for all groups of people. Because of the fresh meat, the taste is smooth and tender!

4. Bright and complete fish eyes
Our salmon is born in the deep sea of Scotland. After the storm, the survival of the fittest is carried out.
Nutritional delicious score

Nutritional & Delicious

Fish head: stewed charcoal grilled

Fish body: sashimi, fried and fried

Fishtail meat: fried grilled

Fish skin: fried fried soup fried

Fishtail: stew