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Dayuchang JD.com Food Franchise Store Won the JD.com High Quality Fresh Food Merchants Award

The JD.com Fresh Food Conference was held on June 14th, 2016 at the conference hall of JD.com Headquarters. Dayuchang was highlighted and won the JD.com High Quality Fresh Food Merchant Award.

About Jingdong (JD.com)

JD.com is China's leading self-operated e-commerce company and the largest Internet company in China. Jingdong provides consumers with a pleasant online shopping experience. Through a rich and user-friendly website (www.jd.com) and a mobile client, JD.com offers a wide range of products and services at a competitive price and delivers it to consumers in a fast and reliable manner. JD.com believes it has the largest logistics facility in the nation's e-commerce industry.

As of June 30, 2016, JD.com has seven major logistics centers nationwide, operating 234 large warehouses, with 6,756 distribution stations and self-raising points, covering 2,639 districts and counties across the country. JD is a member of the NASDAQ 100 Index and a Fortune Global 500 company.


About JD.com Fresh Food Division

Wang Xiaosong, vice president of Jingdong Group and head of the 3C business unit, started a new journey at the age of forty. From the “Ace” 3C business unit in charge of Jingdong, “Transformation” took over the newly established Fresh Food Department (independent from the Jingdong Consumer Products Division). After the "Finding the World's Fresh Food" and the signing of the global 17-nation strategy, the Jingdong Fresh Food Department made an overall appearance, Wang Xiaosong said that in the future, the fresh e-commerce must be Jingdong.

At the meeting, President Wang talked about the reason why Jingdong should be a fresh e-commerce. "Corporate responsibility is on the one hand, on the other hand, the market is really big. The scale of fresh e-commerce in 2015 was 49.7 billion, 2018 (expected) It will reach 236.5 billion yuan. In addition, the upgrade of Chinese consumer consumption is also our opportunity."


In his view, Jingdong has its own advantages in making fresh e-commerce. First of all, Jingdong itself has 180 million users, and it is very important to convert these users from internal to fresh users. We can almost achieve zero cost"; Secondly, self-built logistics and Jingdong brand endorsement. For the future plan, Wang Xiaosong said: "Jingdong is not a short-term supplier of fresh e-commerce. We will continue to invest as a company strategy. In the future, we will invest heavily in cold chain logistics and will plan for 20 cold chain warehouses. The number of cities reached 440 and the number of distribution stations reached 6,000."

Mr. Wang said that this fresh conference is devoted to solving the business problems and giving the merchants the greatest care and support. He promised that in the face of the double eleven, Jingdong Fresh Food Division will further improve the strategic norms and give businesses more resources. Subsequently, the Jingdong Fresh Food Division's operations, technology and other related departments also delivered a speech on preparation for the double eleven.

Wang Xiaosong has the following judgments on the future development of Jingdong Fresh Food:
1. the unit price of Jingdong Fresh Food is relatively high in the industry, and certainly reaches 3 digits.
2. Jingdong Fresh Food's core competitiveness is that there are customers, products are good, and can be delivered to the user with the lowest cost, the integration of the three.
3. Jingdong Fresh Food and Yonghui Supermarket's supply chain cooperation is in preparation. May be ready during the year.
4. Jingdong's cold chain distribution cost is very low, making it the lowest in the industry. Jingdong Fresh supports the cash on delivery service.
5. The main energy of Jingdong Fresh Food Year is to build a team. Currently, there are 200 buyers.
6. Jingdong Fresh focuses on consumption upgrades, and does not want to completely grab the same customers with offline supermarkets, but hopes to seize the people who care about product quality and healthy diet.

Dayuchang is highlighted and won the JD.com High Quality Fresh Food Merchant Award

At the just-concluded Jingdong Fresh Food Conference, the Dayuchang Food franchise store stood out and won the crown of the hytrend.ca/en/Products.html target='_blank'>seafood and aquatic products JD.com High Quality Fresh Food Merchants Award. Mr. Zheng Yuntao, the founder of Dayuchang, took over the trophy from the president of Wang Xiaosong and couldn’t help but feel a thousand emotions.


In the 17 years of entrepreneurial history, Mr. Zheng Yuntao has a business communication footprint spanning dozens of countries in China and abroad in the field of hytrend.ca/en/Products.html target='_blank'>seafood development. Years of precipitation, the establishment of the big fishery brand in 2011, and the establishment of China Ocean Food Network in the same year. As a senior marine food expert, Mr. Zheng Yuntao has always been deeply rooted in the corporate philosophy of integrity.

After the establishment of Dayuchang brand, JD.com Mall, No.1 Store, Tmall, Taobao, Alibaba, Micro-Distribution, Jinhe.com and other domestic large-scale shopping malls entered the market. Zheng Yuntao, founder of Dayuchang, said that since the establishment of Dayuchang, it has been adhering to consumption as a kind of enjoyment, and the product is a taste of life. Instead of lowering product quality or service quality to lower prices, it is better to focus on improving the customer experience. The quality of the products is the long-term survival of the company. It is the commercial essence to create the ultimate product with ingenuity.

Nowadays, Dayuchang brand has become one of the most authoritative comprehensive enterprises in the industry integrating aquaculture, production, processing, packaging and export. It has become the most popular hytrend.ca/en/Products.html target='_blank'>seafood brand in the minds of consumers and has received rave reviews. The people can afford it and the quality can be seen. Dayuchang always adheres to the quality and does not forget the initial faith.



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