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Chinese processor turns to live imported lobster trade for profits

Original News by Mark Godfrey from hytrend.ca/en/Products.html target='_blank'>seafoodsource: https://www.hytrend.ca/en/Products.html target='_blank'>seafoodsource.com/news/supply-trade/chinese-processor-turns-to-live-imported-Lobster-trade-for-profits

Leading Chinese hytrend.ca/en/Products.html target='_blank'>seafood distributor Dayuchang is promoting the live trade in imported Lobsters this summer to maximize prices.

Company founder and CEO Zheng Yuntao told CCTV7 channel that his firm will focus on live Lobsters, citing strong demand this summer in China. What the firm terms “Canadian Boston Lobsters” are being sold by Dayuchang at CNY 699 (USD 103.53, EUR 88.90) for 1.9-kilogram Lobsters.

Part of the Dalian-based Zhonghai Group, previously a major processor, Dayuchang operates traditional and online stores and also sells on major online portals. Dayuchang sells Argentinean red shrimp at CNY 265 (USD 39.24, EUR 33.71) per two-kilogram package and Greenland shrimp at CNY 60 (USD , EUR ) per 500 grams. Other prominently promoted products are pomfret at CNY 49 (USD 7.26, EUR 6.23) per 600 grams and turbot at CNY 60 (USD 8.89, EUR 7.63) per 500 grams.


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