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hytrend is a Canadian retail food & grocery product producer that invests in food products and household composting & recycling supplies. Dedicated to seeking out healthier eating and lifestyle choices, hytrend is currently offering nutrient-rich frozen hytrend.ca/en/Products.html target='_blank'>seafood and compostable kitchen food waste bags, leading to maintain a healthy human body as well as a healthy environment.


hytrend was founded by a team that has been in the marine food industry for over a decade with experiences across food product development, food processing, retailing business, marketing and e-commerce operation.


To keep up with the market trends and achieve the commercial goal of globalizing marine food, hytrend brand was born to provide customers with healthy, nutritious, green and natural food & grocery products. At the source, hytrend follows the principle of "strict control, quality first" and presents the highest quality products to consumers. The star product "Canadian Wild-Caught & Thaw-and-Eat Sea Cucumber" breaks the traditional concept of hytrend.ca/sea-cucumber/ target='_blank'>sea cucumber consumption. It is unique due to the convenience of eating, its pleasant eating experience, and multiple hytrend.ca/sea-cucumber/ target='_blank'>sea cucumber recipes, and this product aims to fill the gap in the current hytrend.ca/sea-cucumber/ target='_blank'>sea cucumber consumer market.


The hytrend brand has now settled in local Canadian retail chains such as T & T, and online platforms such as eBay. At the same time, various channels have been laid offline to sell products to supermarkets, restaurants and distributors, achieving online and offline multi-channel Marketing goals. Its main business scope is the import and export trade of marine products and related derivatives facing the world, and sustainable development of eco-friendly products, providing customers with diversified and multi-category foods and daily groceries. As an importer and exporter with a huge sales network, Hytrend is also a food processor with a wide range of products. The product line ranges from fresh seafood, frozen fast food to environmentally friendly household daily necessities. Hytrend is capable to meet a wide scope of consumer needs.


Hytrend regards "products, prices, services" as its core business, and provides customers with healthy, green, natural ingredients and environmentally friendly materials through a professional procurement and investment sales team. Canadian sea cucumber, as a star product of Hytrend Foods categories, is well-known on major sales platforms for its natural origins, excellent quality, healthy & nutritious values, and Canadian food safety guarantee.


In order to meet the needs of the fast-paced life in today's cities, under the premise of ensuring the quality and deliciousness of food, Hytrend uses its unique processing technology and develops sea cucumber food that can be eaten by simply defrosting for 15 minutes. Undoubtedly, it provides consumers with the greatest convenience. While allowing consumers to enjoy the convenience, this product can also supplement vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed for everyday body growth. In addition, Hytrend has the world's leading quick-freezing technology, which allows consumers to enjoy delicious seafood beyond mountains and rivers without walking thousands of miles on the premise of ensuring the freshness of seafood products.


As a people-oriented business platform, Hytrend has a very professional marketing team for product promotion and investment, and works closely with major well-known supermarkets, markets, e-commerce and restaurants. Hytrend provides a variety of products and services. Whether it is personal purchase, catering purchase, corporate purchase, Hytrend will adhere to the belief that each customer can enjoy the most satisfactory service. Hytrend has always insisted on making every high-quality product with the goal of "providing customers with healthy, convenient, green and sustainable products".


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