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Our Philosophy: Simplicity is the original ecology.

Our Goal: The world’s first hytrend.ca/en/Products.html target='_blank'>seafood brand

Our Values: Know what customers need and deliver great customer service

Our Mission: Let millions of families eat the healthiest hytrend.ca/en/Products.html target='_blank'>seafood everyday

Our Vision: Make people healthier

Our Spirit: Unity · Kindness · Sincerity · Hard Work · Persistence

Our Culture: Innovation · Communication · Execution · Results-oriented · Goal-driven

Our Team Spirit: Cooperation · Unyielding · Learning · Dream

Our Personnel Concept: The best and most suitable person.


Contact: ROBERT

Phone: +1 672 515 7878

Tel: +1 672 515 7878

Email: info@hytrend.ca

Add: 4170 Still Creek Drive Suite 200 Burnaby British Columbia V5C 6C6 Canada

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